I fucked my friends wife In Hotel

This story is of my friends wife and me. I am a bachelor. I am a South India working for Indian government. I had some friends from north India. I am brownish dark and well built. I was single and I am 31 years old. I don’t like marriage as it was a waste of time. But I jack off every week or weekly twice. Everything was going fine, but I learnt from some website mapping is not good for health and reduce Ur manly strength. So, I started to end that practice. But some of my friends advised me that I may become more aggressive and may even rape women.

I didn’t know I would do one day. Let us start with the story. My friend was a north Indian from Mumbai. He wanted to come to my state Chennai. I invited him and promised him to arrange for housing as I had a house there. I didn’t know that he had a beautiful wife. He was in the late 40s and her wife was in the late 30s. They came to Chennai by Train, but when I saw her first time my dick was like so erect I had problems controlling it. She was so pretty and bit of chubby but not too much. She had two children and left them there for school.

After I saw her, I was not thinking clear. My mind was filled with her picture. I don’t know what to do. He introduced me that Pooja is his wife and she is religious and kind. She was a housewife, but got a degree from university. She spoke English and we chatted for some time. But my dick was likely pooping out of my pants whenever she smiled at me.

I was confused because this was so wrong that I am lusting on my friends wife. But I thought it is because I didn’t jerk off for some months. It was exactly going to be a year. When I was jerking off, I was calm and passive not much aggression. But without jacking off, my balls started to get bigger and my balls dropped off like a big sack. I felt there was so much thick cum in my balls. I want to release it, but if I do, I will return to the practice of jacking off.

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Thought of fucking a hooker, but I thought of the risks of getting STDs. Now, I am totally screwed. No girlfriends, no way to jack off. But my friends wife was so pretty and smiles at me sometimes. However, it is a friendly smile.

One day we went to cinema. I took them to the beach. She was so happy on seeing the waves and long beach in Chennai. So, she went for the raising waves. My friend was not interested in the beach. So he went to get some snacks nearby and asked me whether I want some.

I told him I will be with Pooja as she was enjoying the waves getting to her. I went nearby and adored her. As he was not here, I went nearby her. A big wave came by and it destabilized her position and she kind caught my shoulder for support. Her hands was so sweet. Now, I got a closer look at her. She had a cute lips and big talking eyes. Her boobs should be more than 36 inches and her skin color is milky white.

On seeing that, my dick got bigger. Balancing my shoulder, she said sorry and smiled. I laughed at her and said it is fine since it is fine and I blurted out she is so pretty. She looked at me and didn’t say a word and lowered her face. I told her again you look like an angel. No words again. I thought I said something wrong, but I was not speaking my dick and thick cum filled balls was speaking. I am out of my senses.

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From now on, she doesn’t even smile but look at me to check whether I am staring at her. She caught me many times like this. But slowly she started to look at me when I smile she won’t reciprocate. She knew what I wanted and stayed away from me. My friend, however, didn’t know what was going on. He is a good guy and considered nothing was going on. In the meantime, I will stare at her now and then. I will look at her boobs, lips, and body parts.

she walks I will stare at her ass. One day, we three were walking on the beach with friend in the middle. But suddenly I slow paced and let them walk a little ahead. In doing so, I could see her jingling ass. She walks with a shake like sexy women walk. She noticed soon why I walk slow and watch her backs. Our eyes meet, but she was trying to say I will slap you with her eyes. And try to cover her ass with her saree. By now, I am a mad dog with lust and have to spray my thick cum all over the body.

So I made a plan to get her alone. I want to fuck her and cum all over her face. That is my plan. If she accepts, then it is fine. If not, I will threaten her and do all those things. I was ready for everything. I was even ready to face prison if she complains for rape. I am all in. Guys tell me I am not the only one who gets mad when you she a pretty woman right. Her husband is a nice person, but innocent and gullible. So I was planning to make him drunk and do something wrong to her wife.

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