My Sister and Teacher showed he how to Fuck

A little bit about me first. I’m Raj and I’m the only son in a family of five, with an elder sister 7 yrs older to me and a younger sister. We were a middle class family living in a 2-bedroom apartment with my parents using one of them and the 3 of us using the other one. From quite a young age I was up to steam on everything to do with sex. The usual sources of information were books and magazines smuggled into school by the more adventurous guys and a number of lectures from the experienced guys in the class. I would say that I was quite a horny guy taking constant recourse to winking off.

It was during those years that my elder sister who was 18 was beginning to become a woman. She was of medium height-5.2” fair and a bit plump. One night when I got up to pee, I happened to look towards her laying on the bed along side me. She was sleeping blissfully after a hard day of studies and her skirt had ridden high enough for me to get a glimpse of her milky white thighs. She had already started shaving I guessed because her thighs and calves were gleaming in the subdued light of the night lamp as she slept on her side with one of her legs curled at the knee. I hurriedly finished peeing and returned to bed and could hardly sleep with this new ‘insight’ and what it was doing to my dick. I had a raging hard-on just looking at my sister’s thighs and was sleeping on my stomach grinding my dick on the mattress under me. After a while, when I was confident that she was sound asleep, I drew the courage of raising her skirt even further. It was a big high for me being able to do the forbidden. As I hiked up the skirt the pressure of her leg was preventing it from going further. I was beyond care and I exerted a little pressure, tugging at the skirt. She shifted due to the disturbance and I quickly turned to the other side and pretended to sleep, expecting a slap from her any moment. When after a while there was no movement except the sound of her breath, I turned around to the sight of my lifetime (till then). She had moved to sleep on her back with her legs bent at the knees and wide open for me to see! I confirmed that she was asleep and sat up in bed near her legs moved the skirt down to her waist easily and saw the outlines of her panties.

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My heart was pounding so loud, I was afraid that she would awaken by its sound. I reached down with trembling hands and felt the region around where I thought her pussy would be. I felt her thighs, going down, and it felt silky under my palm. As I touched her on her pussy I could feel her white schoolgirl panties were a little wet. I felt gingerly over her mound tracing what I could make out was her pussy lips and felt per pussy hair poking out the panty. I brought my fingers to my nose and realized instantly it was the last drops of pee. In a strange way that turned me on even further and I brought myself to move my head near her pussy and smell here there. It was mind blowing!!! …And just before I would have ripped her panty apart, she shifted a little disturbed by my heavy breathing so close to her pussy, which I’m sure now would have tickled her. I returned to sleep which didn’t come for a long time as I lay fondling my dick and playing with my balls thinking about how I could have poked my fingers into her pussy.

From then began a daily routine, which lasted for about 6 months. During which time I got to see her big ass barely covered by her panties while she lay on her stomach. I would move in real close and stare at her ass barely 4 inches away. Slowly I got the courage to run my hand all over her body and feel her breasts over her t-shirt. She had largish breasts for her age and it was quite a handful. I would softly cup my hands around them, careful not to wake her up. I am sure somewhere along the way she realized what I was up to and I daresay she quite enjoyed it going by some heavy breathing at times and the suspicious ease with which I was able to move her clothes up and down. During the day she would at times have a sly kind of a smile on her face when we were alone. I never had the courage to take it further from there and I guess mine was a more of a voyeuristic kick

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However, this is where my interest in older women began from a very early age. Over a period of time I have repeated this with a voluptuous maidservant, who was very careless about her sari when she was sleeping. But I’ll leave that for another time. All this contact without the actual act of coitus was making me very horny. All I had/have on mind is sex. I would fantasize about older women all the time. They would be the neighborhood aunties or my teachers. None escaped an episode in my fantasies. I would constantly try to peer down their blouses and watch their backsides as they walked by. The view of their stomachs stretched with a little plumpness, the belly buttons peeking from the sari folds and the slight folds on the skin near the waist. Boy! Older women were always on my minds.

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