Punjabi Aunty sex With a Teen Boy

Hello Friends, I am very fair and good looking guy from Gujarat my mom and dad both were from Mumbai but because of industrialization of Gujarat they came here and shifted one of you their factory near a town in Surat .

I am from a well of family my parents sent me to boarding school in Mussoorie from 8 std and I use to come here for winter vacations I hope people who have studied at hill stations know what is winter vacation. My mom for doing some work started English speaking tuition also and dad busy in business trips.

Now coming to the encounter I was a teen then and new about sex but not in deep I was in 12th std and came for winter vacations my mother was taking English tuition and there came a Punjabi lady very fair married with two kids she use to come for 2 hours and there was another lady not that good but at that time it was a sex streak in me anyone would have worked.

I didnt know much I was a very shy child who didnt even use to speak much also I use to open the door in afternoon and use to go in my room and watch t.v and they use too study in different room. i don’t know when she thought about me my mother use to send me to recharge her mobile and all stuff as I was good at that and when I use to comeback she use ask me what is this for and use to get info from me about mobile as at that time it was new for her . And I use to explain her and never use to get sexual feelings for except at night when I use to masturbate sometimes.

One day my mom was going to her mothers place and declared holiday for 4 days papa use to be at factory I was alone and that dint bother me as I was boarding guy and never felt alone I was happy and suddenly at 3 door bell rang I was busy watching t.v and went to open the door and what I see was pinky aunty the fair lady and I said aunty ajj chutti hai.

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she said ohhh Mai bhoool hai ,and continued Ki koi baat nai ma’am ne homework Diya hai yaha kar leti hoo, I said fine and made her sit in the drawing room, achanak se she called my name and said “Mai akeli hoon yaha, yaha aka t.v dekhlo” i said ok .and started watching t.v there .

Then after few moments she called me “yeh kaise pronounce karege” i went there and as i was standing and she was sitting on the sofa i could see her cleavage and that was like so good that i cant write it down it was so beautiful..i was seeing something like that for first time in my life but controlled my self and told her the word.

My rod was getting its strength now and automatically my mind was going on the sexual direction ..i went again to my seat but was thinking about that milky bars only.again she called me and asked a different word again I went told her about it ,but then she said “yaha hi baith jao Aga bhi zaroorat padegi” and I dint wait a second to sit down besides her .

as I sat down I was sitting a bit far from her and portrayed to watch TV buy my mind was on the sexual direction my rod now was on its peak I think she would have noticed that as I was in the nikker and the bulge is easily visible in it but I dint cared , she again asked me something and to explain that I went closer to her my thigh could feel her thigh ,

It was so hot and soft I was like to explode at that time my penis was hot and was like going to blast that I cant explain that in pleasure i can still remember that it was my first time I was so near to any lady i .was like it was a dream come true .my hands were shivering she saw that she could feel it I was not able to explain her a single bit of the word .and she saw the nervousness on my face she said ‘kya Hua jagu,hath kyo kaap rahe hai, I said kuch nai bas aisa hi’ she understood that I am still a boy, before that I was man at least I thought but that day it was like I was a slave ..

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She very slowly keep the notebook aside caught my hand and said ‘ghabrao maat kuch nai hoga , Mai hoo na ‘ and I was like mum not a word could come out my mouth. She puts her hand towards my nikker and make me stand up and pulls it down including my jockey underwear which I use wear with pride thinking myself the man but was a slave within .she caught my penis and said yeh to bahut cute hai and laughed ,

I had small hair near by but it was looking good my white penis with redness was all over it was so aching at that time due too.hers was like to blast when she took it in her hands I was numb at that dint know how to react what to do was standing like a skeleton there.she just stoked it twice or thrice I think max and I exploded all over her face and It was the largest amount of cum in my whole time till then my legs were shivering my hands were shivering I dint knew what to do..and she said ‘itni jaldi nikalgaya tera, magar bahut Sara hai koi baat nai’ I said I m sorry for this.

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