Foreplay With My Cousin

Hello, I am Arjun, from Ernakulum, Kerala, 18 years old….. I am a boy having lot of sexual fantasies. I would like to share a experience with you all. I have a cousin, named avi. She is 23 years old, whitish in color. Have nice big boobs and big ass which can make any man horny. I always had an eye on her. But she never saw me like that because she is watching me growing up from my childhood. But now I proved her that I am not a little boy. She comes to my home every now and then.

Since we are like siblings, we are allowed alone in my home when my mom goes to work. I always watch her from behind to enjoy her huge butts. I saw her cleavage many times when we play caroms cards etc. I enjoyed that a lot but never had the courage to go further.
One day she came to my home as usual. It was a Sunday. Everyone is there at my home. We played cards for a long time and afterwards she slept in my bed. I too slept for a while. When I woke up, I just saw one of the beautiful sights of my life. My queen is sleeping in my bed giving me a good view of her cleavage and her top of churidar is raised a little so that I can see her navel. Seeing this, my dick instantly got hardened up.

I couldn’t control my feelings. So I touched her navel slowly. For a moment I kept it there and I started caressing her navel slowly. Suddenly she opened her eyes and she pushed my hands away. She looked to my eyes for a second and suddenly my mom came to my room saying let’s have the tea. I paused for a minute while she went away with my mom. After a minute I too went to have my tea. Nothing special happened on that day. But at night I didn’t get sleep and at last I masturbated thinking about her and slept happily.
Next everyone in my home went away for their respective works and I stayed alone since I was having my boring vacation. After a while she came to my home and without saying anything she sat on my computer and started playing. She ignored me a lot that day. At last I decided to break the silence and asked whether we can play cards.

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She said if I am going to do anything like yesterday then she will not come to my home anymore. I said sorry. She said it’s ok and let’s play. We played for a while, in the mean time I was looking at her. She was wearing a red churidar without any duppatta. I can easily see her cleavage and the shape of her boobs. I was enjoying the sight and she caught me red handed and scold me a lot. She asked me why I am doing all this to her. And I said- you are beautiful. And I continued- you are the sexiest girl I had ever seen. She said shut up and went away. I followed her caught her in her hands and said please don’t leave me. She asked me what she should do to stop my bad behavior towards her. I said if u gives me a chance to see her naked then I will never do this again. She straight away said no. I begged and argued with her a lot and at last she agreed.

Then she started to undress her. I caught her hands and said I will do it. She said ok but the condition was not to touch her. I agreed. I placed her before a mirror and went behind her. I started lifting her top slowly allowing my tip of my fingers brushing her. My hot breaths are falling on her bare back. I lifted her top completely. She was wearing a sleeveless t shirt inside. Instead of lifting t-shirt, I sat before her on my knees and started untying her pants. I pulled it down slowly touching her thighs. I removed her pants completely and I saw the hot white thighs in front of my nose.

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She was wearing a dark pink panty. Sight of that made me bad but I didn’t touch her. Then I went behind her and started lifting her t-shirt. While lifting I touched her stomach, navel n side of her boobs with my finger tips. What an amazing sight. She is in front of me only in her bra and panty. I somehow controlled myself because of the word I gave to her. Then I went in front of her and leaned to her back allowing my chest to touch her boobs slightly. I unbuttoned her bra and those beautiful melons jumped out of the bra. What a sight!

I enjoyed those moments for a while. Then I sat on my knees with my face exactly before her panty. Then I slowly touched her panty n skid in slowly down her thighs. I removed it completely. Now she was completely naked in front of me. I enjoyed her beauty for a while. Then I gasped some air and stood in front of her and said, thank you for the gift….. For a second it was pin drop silence. Suddenly she hugged me!!!! I couldn’t believe that!

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